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Deadman’s Bay periods of a quarter of a minute, there arose a deep, hollow stroke like the single beat of a drum, the intervals being filled with a long-drawn rattling, as of bones between huge canine jaws. It came from the vast concave of Deadman’s Bay, rising and falling against the pebble dyke………

It was a presence--an imaginary shape or essence from the human multitude lying below: those who had gone down in vessels of war, East Indiamen, barges, brigs, and ships of the Armada…

The Well-Beloved (1897). Dorset author and poet Thomas Hardy describing the sound of the undertow of the sea in Lyme Bay upon the Chesil Beach.


The Dead House is still at the back of the beach in Chesil Cove where all the bodies were taken when they were washed up.

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